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Welcome to the Sydney University Medical Society (SUMS)!

Our Society has a long and proud history, with foundations beginning in 1886, making us Australia’s oldest medical student society. We have over 1,200 students within the School, with local students joining peers from across Australia and the world who are drawn to Sydney Medical School for its reputation as an institution of excellence.

The Society functions for you – we run social events like the annual MedBall, academic functions such as the revered Lambie Dew Oration, advocate to Faculty about curriculum change, and run seminars to fill in those gaps in your learning.

SUMS Council 2024


Carl Hinschen.png
First Year Representatives 

Metro: TBA

Dubbo: TBA

Second Year Representatives

Metro: Sophia Tan & Sudipta Datta

Dubbo: Madeeha Munir

Third Year Representatives

Metro: Fi Fraser & Ben Liu

Dubbo: Rebecca Apel

Fourth Year Representatives

Claire Villanueva & Nadya Rykina-Tameeva

AMSA Representative

Patrick Petterson

Junior AMSA Representatives

Metro: Tejas Dandekar

Dubbo: Madeeha Munir

Sponsorship Directors

Samuel Prince, Shayan Lahijanian

Merchandise Director

Joshua Han & Daipayan Mukhopadyay

Publications Director


NSWMSC Representative


Education Advocacy Officer

Louisa Leone

Queer Representatives

Rachael Skerritt & Carl Hinschen

International Student Representative

Ferras Mourad

Junior International Student Representative

Nathaniel Luis Reyhan Soesilo

Disability Liaison Officers

Mahalia King & Jessi McDowell

Sports Coordinators

Carl Hinschen, Stanley Grech

Health & Wellbeing Officer

Charlotte Launder & Nelanka Halgamuge

IT Director


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