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Affiliated Societies

SUMS affiliate societies allow you to pursue your special interests. Each society has its own executive and runs a series of social and educational events throughout the year at local, national and international levels. The societies also coordinate fundraising and volunteering, as well as student advocacy.

These societies are a great way to meet like-minded people. They give you the chance to be a leader, or representative, plan and run your own events, and meet specialists in your field of interest.

Sydney University Surgical Society

The Sydney University Surgical Society (SUSS) was formed in 2006 with the help and support of the University of Sydney’s Discipline of Surgery. It was initially formed by a group of medical students keen to encourage communication between surgeons and students to allow a forum for educational exchange and mentorship. Since then the society has evolved to include formal lectures, skills workshops, professional development seminars and face-to-face learning opportunities in the operating theatre.


SUSS aims:
a. To foster and promote surgical education for medical students at the University of Sydney and at other recognized institutions;
b. To foster and promote the development of the 9 surgical competencies outlined by the Royal Australian College of Surgeons, including technical expertise, medical expertise, clinical decision making, communication, collaboration, management and leadership, health advocacy, scholar and teacher, professionalism and ethics;
c. To promote and encourage communication between students and surgeons, with an emphasis on the establishment of educational exchange & mentorship;
d. To provide educational opportunities for students such as lectures, skills workshops, and experiences in operating theatres; and
e. To provide a social outlet for members and students with an interest in surgery.

Sydney University Paediatric Society

The Sydney University Paediatric Society (SUPS) is a Sydney Medical Program student initiated and governed society designed to bring together like-minded medical students who have an interest in paediatric medicine.


Thus, SUPS aims to:
a. Represent the collective views of the medical students within the University of Sydney Medical Program who have expressed an interest in paediatric health and medicine;
b. Be a respected not-for-profit and charitable medical student run society with a focus on paediatric health and medicine;
c. Foster relationships between students in the Sydney Medical Program across clinical schools and year groups and encourage explorations into a career in paediatric health and medicine;
d. Be a voice for social justice on matters relating to paediatric health and medicine within Australia and internationally;
e. Support the professional development of medical students in the Program who have expressed an interest in paediatric health and medicine.


GlobalHOME is the global health student interest group at the University of Sydney.

Established in 2007 as a not-for-profit association within the Faculty of Medicine, its aims are to provide a common ground for students, health professionals and academics who are interested in global health issues, and to inspire and provide opportunities for students to advocate for health equity globally.


Since establishment, GlobalHOME has reached staff and students from Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Medical Science, Masters of Public Health, and Masters of International Public Health. Annual events hosted by GlobalHOME include educational seminars, Red Party for raising HIV awareness, Charity Auctions supporting maternal health, and Electives Night.


Our mission is to inspire and encourage students to promote health opportunities and medical equality globally.

Sydney University Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society

The Sydney University Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society (SUOGS) is a student run organisation for those interested in obstetrics and gynaecology.


Our aims are to:
a. Foster the interests and support the development of students interested in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
b. Provide insight into the various training programmes available in Australia and what they involve.
c. Educate students and raise awareness in regards to women’s health.
d. Be a voice for women’s health through both advocacy and policy.
e. Offer social events as a way to network with doctors and like-minded students.
f. Give back to the community, specifically through charities invested in women’s health and well-being.


We are the University of Sydney’s Rural Health Club. As our name states, our club membership includes a wide range of disciplines: nursing, speech pathology, pharmacy, physiotherapy, medical radiation science, public health, occupational therapy, dentistry, medical students and more! We aim to promote diversity in our club. As well as three main Sydney campuses, MIRAGE also supports members in the rural towns of Orange, Dubbo, Lismore and Broken Hill.

Our members are passionate about improving rural health, and many come from a rural background. To promote better health for Indigenous people we encourage Indigenous membership, attend the NSW CrocFest events, and hold an annual Indigenous Health Forum that is open to the public.


A key objective for MIRAGE is to get young people from rural and remote areas and Indigenous backgrounds inspired about careers in health, through participation in Careers Expos and Rural High School Visits around NSW. Importantly, we also have a lot of fun at the myriad of social activities throughout the year that keep us energised and spread the message of Rural Health!

Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association

SUPRA is an independent representative association providing advice, advocacy and support services to the postgraduate students at the University of Sydney.

Formed in 1970 by Science postgrads, SUPRA was formally acknowledged by the University of Sydney Senate in 1974 after years of debate. Because most postgraduate students at the time were research students, the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) considered them to be junior academics and had thus declined to admit them as members. SUPRA is the only organisation that has ever represented postgraduate students at the University of Sydney.

In 1979 SUPRA became a founding member of the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA), the peak body representing Australian postgraduate students.


Over the years SUPRA has grown from a small volunteer based organisation to a much bigger one. SUPRA now employs a number of staff to assist elected representatives in the work of representing the interests of postgraduate students at all levels within the University and support individual postgraduates through the course of their study.


SUPRA aims:
a. To promote the interests of the University’s postgraduate students.
b. To consult the postgraduate students of the University and make appropriate representations on their behalf. It shall seek to defend their needs and uphold their aspirations at all times.
c. To provide independent representation, advocacy and advice to postgraduate students of the University of Sydney.

General Practice Students Network

GPSN seeks to foster interest in General Practice and promote it as a specialty of choice. Each year, our society puts on a variety of awesome events, ranging from practical skills workshops, to trivia and careers nights. Our society offers you opportunities to improve your clinical skills such as suturing, plastering, and otoscopy, along with many others. Just as a taste, last year we held an interactive heart murmur session facilitated by an Emergency Consultant, to further student understanding of rheumatic heart disease and its impact on Aboriginal Health. You will also get to hear from many GPs with decades of experience, who will give you a glimpse into the life of a General Practitioner and the challenges that it encompasses.

North American Medical Students’ Association

We are a student-run organisation that helps to inform all medical students (especially those who hail from North America) about their options for practicing after graduation, what to expect during and after university, and most importantly, how to prepare to put yourself in the best position for elective placements and residency programs.

We hold regular meetings and information sessions (most months of the academic year) for all members. Presentations cover topics such as Electives, Residency, North American entrance exams (e.g. USMLE, MCCEE), and even a night to hear the stories, tips, and tricks from Sydney Medical School alumni who are now practicing in North America and Australia. Throughout the year, we also have experienced students teach USMLE preparation lectures to get you ready for the big day (as well as shine on the wards at your hospital and in PBL)!

In March, we have an introductory presentation to get you orientated to everything that NAMSA has to offer. Here you’ll be able to sign up for a small fee, which includes access to all meetings/presentations (and free pizza every time for members!) for the next four years of your medical school.

Level Medicine

Currently, the medical profession still confronts issues of gender inequality within its ranks. Across specialties, and among hierarchies, patterns of gender inequality persist. We can no longer sit and wait for change: active and dedicated pursuit of gender equality in medicine is required.

At Level, we’re certainly aware that there are a host of wonderful doctors and organisations already committed to improving gender imbalance in medicine. However, what we aim to do is provide a place to inspire women and men to talk about ongoing gender disparity in the medical profession and to advocate for and have a robust discussion around gender equality and gender roles among doctors.

Sydney University Critical Care Society

Sydney University Critical Care Society (SUCCS) aims to facilitate medical student engagement and enthusiasm for all things critical care, including Emergency, Intensive Care, Anaesthetics, Trauma and retrieval medicine.


As a student initiated and governed society founded in 2017, SUCCS hosts lectures and workshops to promote and encourage education in the field of Critical Care medicine, particularly through small group simulation training. SUCCS also runs the annual Emergency Medicine Challenge (EMC) that pits teams from each clinical school against each other in mock clinical scenarios where the winning school claims the highest honour and bragging rights for the year.



Clinical School Societies

Each Clinical School has a society that represents them to Faculty and organises educational and social events based in the area of the School.

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