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Innominate is the voice of our society. Coming from humble beginnings in 1946, it has become the vector for promoting our society’s activities and the written works of our members, which range from sombre opinion pieces to light-hearted narratives. Several issues of Innominate are published each year and distributed via email and online to reach all our members.

We are excited to post work by the insightful and creative students that make up the Sydney Medical School. However, the views and opinions expressed on this page are of the authors, and do not necessarily represent those of SUMS or the Sydney Medical School.

Want to write for us?  Submit work here or contact the publications team at

We hope you enjoy your read!

Feet First

Our introductory publication to incoming first year students, Feet First serves as a welcome to our new colleagues and a valuable resource for navigating their first year at the Sydney Medical School. It explains what to expect in the years ahead, details upcoming social and academic events and gives advice on how to survive medical school from experienced medical students who have been through it all before.

This edition of Feet First is your guide to the whole course, clinical schools, societies, where to live and everything else you need to dive in to first year.

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